Until Campcon 15!

The Campcon site is deep in the heart of Indiana farmland, located in western Indiana on one of the many strip-mine lakes. The location was chosen specifically to force people to stick around and visit the people they traveled so far to meet. Usually at mudcons people group up and rush around visiting local establishments. There isn't much nearby which will allow you to spend more time with your fellow players.

Clay City and the surrounding area

Clay City is a very small town of ~10k-20k people. It contains 2 gas stations, a supermarket, a small bar, a liquor store, a bank machine and a small main street diner. The next larger city (Brazil) is ten minutes away and contains more of the larger town necessities. The nearest mid-size city is a half-hour away (Terre Haute) but even that's still not huge.

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NOTE: You will likely have poor luck finding the site via Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, etc. Trust us, the directions below are your best bet.

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