Until Campcon 15!

If you've never been camping, or haven't camped in awhile, the following page will be mighty handy as you plan your trip to beautiful Clay City. Note that while there are bathroom facilities, running water and some electricity on site, as well as trailers, by and large YOU are responsible for making sure you have food, clothing and shelter for the weekend. If you have any special needs or have a question about the facility, please contact Entropy in-game or via mudmail. Note that even though you'll be close to "civilization", you will, essentially, be "roughing it". Plan accordingly. Expect nothing.

The Lake

The Campcon site has a small lake. This isn't the Ritz and particular swimmers might consider the lake a tad "yucky". After all, it is a lake. However, last year it was actually kind of nice and not too dirty. The lake is not of an appropriate size, though, for anything more than a 12' rowboat or canoe. Leave the yacht at home. Those who enjoy fishing, though, can possibly find some catfish and crappy in the lake, as well as some turtles and bass. There are a ton of fishing poles on site, so don't worry about that or tackle. You might, however, have to buy live bait in town.

General Information

You will want to try to bring a tent and a sleeping bag (or a car) to sleep in. Also, we have 4 trailers of variable size. Two are small camping-like trailers, one is medium sized and one is a large mobile home. We will try to save the trailers for females and people who couldn't bring anything. So please, if you have a tent and camping gear bring it, maybe even bring extra if you can.

We have well water and electricity, but do not have telephones. Cell phone service is also somewhat spotty (but available, if you try hard) There now are two full bathrooms with showers in the mobile home which received even Entropy's wife's approval. By June we may also have central air conditioning (if needed) in the main mobile home. But be prepared to get a lil dirty, this is a camping con after all. It's just not as bad as it could be. :)

Suggested items for your packing list:

Other things to bring: