Until Campcon 15!

Campcon features a number of events, contests and impromptu foolishness. Here's some of what you might expect. Most events are loosely organized by fellow players. Events are subject the change.

Bardic Task

This task is for people who come to campcon and basically attempt to be a bard. Anyone who comes and sings a song in public, recites poetry, re-enacts a part of a play, or even reads historical documentation will be involved in this task. There is a panel of 3 people (grandmaster bard darian, entropy, mike)who will judge anyone who attempts this task. There will be more information on batmud if you want to know more.

Campcon 2006 One-on-One Foam Bat Tournament

  2. Torso shot is instant kill.
  3. If one limb is hit, that limb is unusable, aka - arm goes behind back and leg must be either stationary or you can hop around on the good leg.
  4. If BOTH limbs are hit, you are "killed".
  5. 21 inch to 24 inch foam bats will be provided. All other weapons MUST be approved by myself, Moonraven, or Entropy before they are allowed in the tournament! (and these weapons MUST be made available for ALL participants!)
  6. There will be TWO tournaments: one for males and one for females.
  7. Any unnecessary violence will NOT be tolerated!!
  8. The bat can not be thrown
  9. Suggestions are welcome at any time. Please mudmail Moonraven or talk to me directly at Campcon

Armwrestling Challenge

Worth 2 TP. If you are interested in participating email batstudy -at- yahoo.com to sign up.

Trivia Task

If you can ask/answer various trivia questions about previous CampCon's.

Fishing Champion

Who can catch the most fish? The biggest fish? The smallest fish?

Best Food Brought

Best Prepared Camper

Bring Someone New

Designed to reward players who bring someone new to Campcon, whether they are current/former players or not.

Bringing Extra Camping Gear

Providing for your fellow campconners in need may be rewarded!

Best Props

This is an award for the person(s) who bring the most 'interesting' pieces of equipment to CampCon.

Female Players

If you play Bat, are female, and are in attendance, you get Task Points. Oh, and your character must be either Level 30 or 7 days game age